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With any martial art style, learning it and the use of specific techniques depends on the skills of the instructing Master. In his Sao Lim Kung Fu style, Master S.B. Lee focuses primarily on physical control, technique, chi and mentality, derived from intrinsic balanced coordination of the physical and spiritual aspects requiring many years of focused training. The advances he has made in his many years of training resulted in extraordinary precision and control of many of his physical and spiritual faculties.

In his years of training Master S.B. Lee discovered that his skills and advancements have outgrown specific martial art styles. He discovered a basis for martial arts and came to understand that the skills and techniques, sometimes with minor adjustments, could very well be applied to other martial arts equally effective. His advanced state of martial arts development and his balanced combination of physical, mental and spiritual control over many aspects, allow him elevate to levels of true martial arts mastery.

It is thus not only his control of techniques for combat, but also the controlled combination of: chi, body, mind, position and intrinsic energy control that combine into Master S.B. Lee’s exceptional expertise in the Sao Lim Kung Fu style and beyond.



Kung Fu as we know it has a history of about 2500 years and was first developed by a Taoist Indian Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma. He left India for China, where he developed the first Kung Fu martial arts.

The development was primarily based on the natural physical movement. Basic concepts of the Sao Lim Kung Fu are: a lot of practice, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, focus en hardening of parts of the body to become weapons.

The primary idea was striving for a form of perfection in movement, breathing, concentration and feelings. Thus making Sao Lim an ultimate form of self discovery, from which all martial arts are derived.

Mastering the Sao Lim Kung Fu style requires many years of dedicated training and is more than ‘simply’ mastery of techniques for combat situations or self defense, but rather a path to discovering many profound aspects of human functioning and improving them. This is furthermore based on the harmonic coordination of body, mind and soul – which is derived from the principles of Buddhism.