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After being active with the Sao Lim Kung Fu and other martial arts for more than forty years, I could say I have reached a remarkable level in martial arts. My years of focused training and dedication combined with my philosophy of life, have formed the basis from which I developed (and still am developing) my martial arts style. I have seen most martial arts strive for the same goals, however, most remain focused on acrobatics and purely physical skills, instead of also developing intrinsic energies and control in parallel. This development of intrinsic energies and controlling them in combination with the mind and the body, results in a basis that is applicable to all martial arts styles.

Central to my martial arts style is controlling and using that intrinsic energy in a balanced way and in combination with the body and movement. The effectiveness of training this over many years has resulted in highly effective and efficient martial arts practice and even a recycling of energy used to perform the martial arts techniques. This means that, unlike the case with most martial arts and combat sports, you should regain energy, instead of only loosing it. Another advantage is that when gets older, highly strenuous physical movements are no longer possible. However, I have focused training my Sao Lim Kung Fu style on regaining energy and controlling it and the physical aspects in such a profound way, that when one gets older it doesn’t necessarily mean one gets weaker – on the contrary, the skills acquired could even surpass those of a much younger person. This is also based on many years of training and balancing the body, mind and chi.

With talent and many years of dedication, the intrinsic development of controlling the fundamental aspects I described and learning where the strength and power originates from could lead to extraordinary results in practicing Sao Lim Kung Fu and better knowledge of self.

Master S.B. Lee

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