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Next to the regular training courses I give, I also give special training to small groups or individuals. These specific training courses are primarily ment for specific and more profound training of skills in general or focusing on specific Sao Lim techniques.

These specific private training courses consist of:

Intensive training:
A specific training course, where all aspects of the Sao Lim style can be trained. These specific training courses can be in e.g.: self defense, health training, concentration and meditation skill or the development and improvement of combat techniques. It is mandatory to set a level of training before such training courses can commence.

Special training courses:
With special training the intrinsic control of energy is central. As already mentioned, energy and controlling it from a Sao Lim martial arts perspective, allows the Chi Kung to develop to unlimited levels. This should result into better control of physical and mental aspects from the inside out.

There are two variations to this special Chi Kung training course, namely the hard variant and the soft one. The hard variant is primarily intended to harden and strengthen the body – a base for enhancing combat skills. The soft variant is primarily intended for health improvement purposes (even effective against illnesses) and combined with enhanced breathing techniques.

For more information and applying for these special training courses, it is necessary to have an intake appointment.

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